I’m Jennette Cross, the dork behind Doviejay Knits.

I live in Austin, TX with my husband and our three cocker spaniels, Kira, Honey, and Lucky. They all came from Shorewood Cocker Rescue in Wisconsin, where my husband and I lived and went to school. Kira is named after Kira Georgievna, the title character of a book I read studying Russian in college. Honey and Lucky came with their names.

I first asked for knitting lessons when I was six. It didn’t stick, but when I was eleven I saved up my allowance to buy Evie Rosen’s The All-New Teach Yourself to Knit. I did a little knitting here and there, but when I was a freshman in college I took a weaving course for my January term and realized that I was going to have to do Fiber Arts full time. I switched from Russian at Oberlin College to Textile and Apparel Design at the University of Wisconsin.

I loved my program at UW. High points – my Weaving 2 final project, woven wings inspired by the Japanese fairy tale The Crane Wife, my senior thesis, where I knit projects based on photographs I took, and every single thing I did in the Costumes Department, especially working on Urinetown.

After college I worked at yarn store Lakeside Fibers as a clerk and teacher and at an After School Program at a local elementary school. I loved both of those jobs and taught lots of people to knit, from second graders up.

Now I’m an Indie, working on my own line and contributing to others. When I’m not knitting or working I like to dork out over books, tv, and movies. I love Joss Whedon, Neil Gaiman, L.M. Montgomery, Hercule Poirot, Robin Hobb, Harry Potter, Patricia C. Wrede, Nick and Nora Charles, George R. R. Martin, Dangerous Davies, Sherlock Holmes, Kara Thrace and George Sands, Annie Sawyer, and John Mitchell.

My inspiration comes from the things I dork over, photographs, and places I love. My goal is that by only working on things I am passionate about I’ll do the very best that I can, and hopefully the knitters who make my patterns will feel that passion and love what they make too.

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