All-Shawl Fall-Along

Let’s have an All-Shawl Fall-Along!

Fall is halfway over (though it hasn’t quite shown up in Texas yet), but for the rest of fall all of my shawls will be 20% off – there’s no coupon code it’s just wired in.

I would love to see what you’re knitting, so let’s have a KAL too! Here are the rules:

  1. Join the group.
  2. Post a Cast On photo in this thread & create a project page.
  3. Finish the Shawl by December 21 and post a photo by December 31. Shawls must be bound off by midnight on the 21st but we’ll take your word for it, just post a photo of the shawl blocking or blocked by the 31st. (It’s a busy time, I get it.)
  4. For every 10 people who finish by the deadline I will draw 1 name. The knitter can pick 1 of my indie patterns to receive for free. The drawing will be in the first week of January. (If there are 20 entries I’ll pick 2 winners, if there are 22 people I’ll pick 3 winners, etc.)
  5. For every project you finish your name goes in the pot again, but each person can only win once – your chance of winning will be higher the more you make.
  6. One grand prize winner (the first name picked) will receive a pair of socks, handknit by yours truly. My Curry Skoosh Socks are a lovely MCN blend from one of my favorite indie dyers, Into The Whirled and they want to come and live on your feet – and after the craziness of the holidays don’t you want some MCN for your feet?


My shawl patterns are:
Hibiscus Rose Shawl
Shenandoah Valley Shawl
Molly Nosegay
Pan & Syrinx Stole
Valancy’s Island
Up Back

Please let me know if you have any questions and feel free to chat in the thread!

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