And Now Some Spinning, Also Green

And another spinning project is complete! This is 406 yards of 2-ply, the fiber I showed you earlier -

It’s 100% Merino, by Western Sky Knits, bought at The Happy Ewe a couple of weeks ago. I now have just one unspun roving in the house again – I may get crazy and try to chain ply it!

I was much happier with this skein than the last one – it’s not nearly as overspun and I think I was able to be much more consistent than before.

I spun each roving into one long single and then plied them together – one was a bit longer than the other, but you really can’t tell because they share the same colors in a few places.

I’m going to have to start knitting up some of these handspun yarns one of these days – I hear that’s when you really fall in love with spinning, when you start using the fruits of your labours. I just have to figure out the perfect projects . . . what do you think? A scarf? Mittens?

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