Ditch the Tech

Sometimes things are great and everything is awesome. Sometimes the world ends.

Sometimes the world ends and it’s kind of fun and surprisingly fashionable.

It will not have escaped your notice that I am a huge dork. Also, I love fantasy and science fiction and basically any kind of apocalypse story. The world is ending, you say? Bring it on.

Last year, Alex Tinsley of Dull Roar (have you seen her hats?) put out a call for the most important book of our tragically, prematurely shortened lifetimes. Doomsday Knits is all about knitting for the Apocalypse, and after, for the unfortunate few who survive.

I did some mental flipping through my catalogue of possible Apocalypses – did I want a Vampire Apocalypse, a la, the end of Angel? Or was this more of a Walking Dead type scenario? Nuclear Winter or Waterworld? While I didn’t go with Angel, I did go with Joss Whedon. Ditch the Tech is the Technology Apocalypse, from the end of Dollhouse.

As you know, the Rossum Corporation is working on a way to take your personality out of your head and replace it with a completely new one. For a while everything is fine and Capitalism Wins, but then, the technology is weaponized. That tends to happen. No one dares answer the phone or hang on to radios or walkie talkies for fear that the broad signal static will erase their brains and turn them into mindless killing machines.

The final episode sees our heroes holed up at their refuge in the desert. Adele is basically running a survivors camp, complete with problems with the well and a victory garden. Topher is in tiny little mental pieces, Tony has left to do what he thinks is the right thing, Echo and Paul are kicking asses and barely talking to each other, and Priya is raising her son, being kind, and listening to people. Ditch the Tech was loosely inspired by Priya’s dress from those scenes at their hideout.

Basically, I wanted something that didn’t look old-fashioned, but did look technologically-avoidant. I loved the shaping happening through the waist, loved the colors they have her in, and love, love, love, the extra long sleeves. And Priya is so lovely, so I wanted something feminine and beautiful, too. Long sleeves for those cold desert nights, but you can still move in it and strap your gun belt over your hips.

I’m pretty hyped up about the construction on this one as well. The collar is knit first, like knitting a very short scarf, and then stitches are picked up along one edge. The raglan shaping grows out of that, with those lovely lacey textured bits to divide sleeves and front. The yoke is mostly worked flat, until the bottom of the scoop neck meets, and then after that, everything is worked in the round.

The sleeves and hemline are extra long and have a bit of a flare before they end. I always want things to be practical, but if you can’t turn up the drama for the doomsday book, when can you, amirite? Also, the Cephalopod Yarns Bugga! may not be the height of practicality, but it is the height of perfect-freaking-awesome. So there’s that.

I hope you’ll take a look at the other patterns in the book- there are many Apocalypses represented therein that I didn’t even mention in this post. The book is coming out in a couple of weeks – Preorder Here! – and then you’ll be able to see everything in its amazing glory.

For reading more about the individual patterns, I strongly recommend checking out the 31 Days of Doomvember Schedule. All of the designers in the book have been writing posts about our individual projects and they’re really funny and fun to read. Also, GREAT photos (all by the lovely and talented Vivian Aubrey.)

Remember, after the Apocalypse, all this yarn and all these patterns are going to look like foresight, not obsession. That’s what I keep telling myself.

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  1. Alicia November 18, 2013 3:38 pm Reply

    I like the collar detail here!


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