Good Morning Glories

After I made the Kalajokis in the last break I decided I wanted some more socks. Socks. Socks. SOCKS!

I hit my Ravlery Favorites list and found Ipomoea Socks, named after the scientific name for Morning Glories. They are a very clever combination of lace and cables and looked just perfect to amuse me for a few days. I also LOVE that the pattern comes right out and calls the sizes 64 and 72. I think most people who knit socks ravenously, like I occasionally do, think more in those terms than your standard S, M, L, or 6-8, 9-11 set up. Most of us know the gauge we get and know how many stitches to cast on to get the size we want.

So I made some. And just to make it extra special, I made them in Bugga!

This is Ye Olde Bugga!, from before the split, and while I’m sure I have the ball band around here somewhere, I don’t know where and I can’t tell you the name of the color. While I was making them I realized that I haven’t ever made socks in Bugga! before – a fair number of shawls, sure, (well, three) but never socks. They make amazing socks. I did put them in the Long Term Planning Box, but if I’m honest, I think I want me to have them. What’s probably going to happen is that they will stay in the Long Term Planning Box until I move out of Texas and start wearing socks again. Then they shall be mine.

And after I made the Size 72 ones, I thought I’d do another pair in the Size 64.

These are in Jitterbug – again, it’s Ye Olde Jitterbug, in the 290 yard put up, so it’s perfect for making small socks.

I really loved the pattern (that would be why I made two pairs in about a week and a half) but with the second set I wanted to experiment with moving the location of the gusset decreases a stitch or two. I think you can see the difference here, if you look along the decrease line.

The green ones are positioned where the pattern wanted them, the blue ones have my alts. I think I like the original way better. maybe I’ll move them one more stitch out for the next pair though. We’ll see.

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  1. Alicia September 18, 2013 9:39 am Reply

    Ok lady, what’s your secret? How do you knit so stinkin’ quickly?!

    Your socks are lovely. The Bugga socks look like they could be VW Bug or Milkweed Beetle. Pattern queued!

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