Freshly washed and re-skeined I present to you the spinning I started working on in . . . December. It’s from a braid I got at Kid ‘N Ewe in November and at the time I was thinking I was going to spin it up and make some mittens for my mom for Christmas. And I just finished spinning it.

I think it’s pretty good. It’s about 200 yards of 3-ply and I’d say it’s on average a light worsted. It’s a bit uneven, but it’s soft and lovely and not so uneven that I think it’ll look lumpy once it’s knit up. It’s also not nearly as overspun as some of the things I’ve done in the past.

I’m really pleased with how the color turned out, (though I still want to take SweetGeorgia’s Craftsy Class Spinning Dyed Fibers). I went ahead and plied this the regular way because I wanted a little more color mixing and I’m quite happy with it.

I’m collecting quite the group of ~200 yard skeins of handspun. I really should start knitting some of them up one of these days.

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