Arkadiko Alts

I don’t think I even got up a photo of the Rockin’ Sock Club July shipment. Or maybe I did and just don’t remember. It feels like July was a long time ago.

Ladies and Gents: My Arkadiko Alts.

I knit all my socks two at a time (because I have terrible Second Sock Syndrome) and I was blithely following the pattern just as written all the way down past the gussets. And after I was able to stop myself from sighing over how great the foot pattern was, and telling random people who didn’t care that this heel flap was amazing, I had a little chat with myself.

“Self,” I said. “Self, how do you feel about frogging these socks and going back so that there is more of the awesome?”

“Self,” I replied, “I like how you think.”

So I frogged all the way back to the beginning and made a cuff that has the same pattern as the heel flap, and used the foot pattern all over everything. I so love how they turned out.

I don’t know why I love this colorway so much, but when I try to describe how I feel about it I just end up all emotional and weird. It’s iridescent somehow – oil on top of water, and you can describe the individual colors in it, but it always comes out sounding boring and normal and not as it is – which is pretty fantastic.

I have knit about a metric ton of socks so far in 2013 (these are the 13th pair of 2013) and they have all gone in the Long Term Planning Box. (Although I may liberate the Bugga socks I did a while back.) These didn’t even touch the bookshelf where the Long Term Planning Box lives.

The Arkadiko Alts live on the kitchen table so I can admire them and tell them how beautiful they are. One day I shall wear them and they will be my favorite socks.

Is it crazy that I want to knit another pair in exactly the same color?

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  1. Alicia November 21, 2013 11:22 am Reply

    Not crazy at all, that’s a gorgeous color! I’ve dropped out of the sock club the last couple of years because my sock knitting has slowed to a snail’s pace but it’s colorways like this one that make me the most sad about that!

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