Kid N’ Ewe

Sunday was my birthday so we went down to Kid n’ Ewe for the day. It’s a little fiber fest near Boerne, TX, and it was quite a nice little show. Some of my favorite people were there – Alisha Goes Around for one, Lost City Knits for two! And I found a new person I really liked as well – Natural Obsessions.

The show was at the county fairgrounds and there were two barns and an olde time dance hall set up with exhibits. There were THREE Ladybug wheels there, but none of them came home with me. I forbore.

I did get some fiber from Natural Obsessions -

Isn’t it lovely? I can’t wait to get a break to spin it!

I also got to meet the woman who does Western Sky KnitsI got some of her fiber a few months ago at Happy Ewe and spun it up on my drop spindle – it was my first color experiment and I love how it turned out. Okay, so it was about as simple a color experiment as it could be but give a girl a break here!

I got some more fiber from her as well – there’s a great deal of air in it already and I just know it’s going to spin up beautifully.

After my Green phase of the spring/summer it looks like I may be starting a pink phase. Hm.

That brings my fiber stash back up to three, which is a nice number to have; I’ve got some choices but I don’t feel super irresponsible. I’m hoping to do a little Christmas knitting out of the handspun I’ve already got finished, but we’ll have to see – it’s been crazy busy around here lately and I don’t know if people are going to be getting much in the way of handmade.


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