March Barn Raising Quilt Update

I’ll have this blanket finished by November 11th yet!

I made lots of progress in February – some might say that I was a square-knitting MACHINE – and I have another pretty picture for you!

I finished the Four Blocks on Row 4 of the Fall Barn Raising Quilt. I don’t have much new to add to the February Post, other than that I love it even more. I’m really happy with the system I have down for Kitchenering now, and I think it’s going much faster than it was when I began. This gives me hope that when I start putting the Four Blocks together that it won’t be completely painful and awful. There will still be ends to weave in, but I’m pretty good at weaving in as I go, so I’ll just have to stay on top of it.

I’m so excited about my 16 Four Blocks.

The end is really nearish, but in a good, non-apocalypsy way!

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