Rolling in Socks

Since moving to Texas I have kept up my previous output in socks but without really doing anything with the finished product.  I have two more finished pairs I haven’t shown the World Wide Web yet.

In possibly my most quickly completed pair of socks ever I have the Sugar Plum Slip Jigs to show you.  I do actually have a destination in mind for these, they are going to my sister for Christmas.  The pattern is Slip Jig Socks by the very talented Irishgirlie.

These are the large, but knit in Lightweight on 1s, so my usual gauge.  These, if you’ll remember, were cast on last Thursday morning at the airport, and I finished them at 5:00 this morning, after a particularly pernicious attack of insomnia.  The pattern was just as delightful to knit a second time, and the yarn was just as delightful to knit for a third time.  Or fourth.  Don’t remember.

And now for some truly beautiful socks . . .

These are modded up from the Heelless Sleeping Socks from Knitting Vintage Socks by Nancy Bush.  I’ve made them before with the same mods – inside out, with a heel flap heel, and reversing the direction of the spiral on the second sock.  These are a gift for a dear friend who is having us over for Thanksgiving, even though she is extremely pregnant.  I’m going to let this make me feel okay for not having even started her baby gift yet.

The yarn is Old Maiden Aunt’s Merino/Cashmere/Nylon blend, and it’s how and when I first became enamored of MCN blends.  I started reading her blog almost two years ago when she was doing her Sweater A Month Challenge and greatly admired her yarns from a distance.

Then in the Summer of 2009 we went to Scotland and I was able to wrangle a visit to Lilith’s studio.  It was a wonderful experience and one of the skeins I bought was this, Bracken.  It was fortunate for me that she had just done a show and her stock was low, otherwise I would never have gotten out of there with only 9 skeins that day.

Last year I was in her Yarn Preview Club – absolutely wonderful – and had a double membership, thereby gaining another 12 skeins.  This is the first I’ve knit.  Not because I haven’t wanted to – they are just so beautiful that I can’t bear to knit them up unless I find the perfect project.

After seeing how beautiful these turned out, I will certainly be finding more perfect projects.

She’s just announced her Yarn Preview Club for next year as well – what I wouldn’t give to be able to do that one too.  We’re a little skint at the moment though, so it looks like it’s not in the cards.

Blue Moon sock club is coming up right now too.  Must remember to save more money for December when all of the yarn clubs re-up!

One more gratuitous picture of recently completed socks!

And We’re Back!

Business first:  Molly From The Comments:  you have won the birthday contest and shall be getting a gift certificate to Sanguine Gryphon!  I suggest Bugga! because it is awesome.  The picture above is the gorgeous skein of Bugga! Jorah gave me for my birthday:  Lubber Grasshopper.

After a whirlwind trip home to watch my brother-in-law get married we are back in Austin with the dogs and back at work.  We left bright and early Thursday morning (before the sun was up, ugh!) and arrived back on Sunday night.  As usual, I took way too much knitting.

My plane knitting this time was a skien of Socks that Rock Lightweight in the colorway Sugarplum which I have started knitting on at least three times.  The only thing I ever photoed was my Daybreak, which unfortunately hit the frog pond shortly after the photoshoot.

I still love this pattern and want very badly to make another one.  It was my fault it had to be frogged – the pattern is delightful and I have spent a non-trivial amount of time cruising the FOs on Ravelry.

Anyway, the Sugarplum went into my little project bag with 10 size one dpns.  Here we are at the airport at 5:00 in the morning:

I initially took that photo next to Jorah’s sleepy face, but have cropped him out, out of deference to his feelings.

The pattern I have chosen is one of the patterns from this year’s Rockin’ Sock Club – Slip Jig.  I made these in the club yarn this summer and they were just delightful, so I’m having another go.  By the time we got back to Austin on Sunday night I was here:

The wedding and all of the accompanying events were very fun, and I had a great relaxing weekend. I am extremely lucky – my brother and my husband’s brother became friends just before Jorah and I started seeing each other and have stayed close.  My brother was my brother-in-law’s best man.  I love that our families get along like this.

We’ve also just found out that we’re not going to be able to make it home for Christmas this year, so it was really wonderful that we were able to see everyone all in one go.  The holidays are always my favorite time to be home, so I’m glad I got a little pre-Thanksgiving taste.

I have several irons in the fire right now, as far as patterns go.  A pair of mitts and a pair of socks I’m hoping will be ready for testing by the end of the month.  Around the work knitting I am trying to fit in some Christmas knitting too, so I should have lots of pretty pictures for you!

Zombie Barbeque

The first Thursday of every month South Congress Street has a little Festival and we went last night because the highlight is a sale at Hill Country Weavers, one of the two AWESOME yarn stores in the area.  On top of the regular sale, they also offer an extra 5% off in your birthday  month, and as you know it is my birthday month right now.  Not that I’m super excited or anything.

It turned out to be an especially magnificent trip because they had a yarn I have been looking for ever since reading about it in this entry of Knitting Siamese, one of my favorite blogs.

Lorna’s Laces Shepard Sport in color Zombie Barbeque:

Yes, it is breathtakingly awesome, I agree.  I also fondled some of their Superwash Worsted (colorway Robot Overlord) but in the end, the Zombies won.  I have seen it online in several places, but really wanted to buy it in person, and I’m glad I did – this is the sport weight – I was much more attracted to this than the fingering.  (Surprising, since my friend MH got me addicted to sock knitting two years ago by giving me my first skien of STR I have bought almost entirely fingering yarn.)

There was more Handmaiden Casbah there, and I was tempted to abscond with that too, but was so excited by the Zombies that I couldn’t think straight.

They also had Knitter’s Almanac, in HARDCOVER!!  Did you know it was being reprinted in hardcover????  Obviously had to get that.  The Baby Surprise Jacket is what turned me from a dabbler into a Knitter and a friend in college curated a huge exhibit all about EZ which had a profound effect on us all.

The final purchase, Brave New Knits, is the opposite of the previous book – all indie designers who made their name on the web and on their blogs.  I wanted it for the blurbs about each designer, but the patterns are completely lovely too – I have an especially big love for Lubov by Grumperina.

The sweater I’ve been cranking on for the last two days is annoying the crap out of me so I’m thinking about just playing with my new Zombie Barbeque.  Do you think it’s a Barbeque OF Zombies, a Barbeque some Zombies are having, or a Barbeque at which some Zombies showed up either as invited guests or not?

I’m a little obsessed.


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We’re Moving – With a Contest!

Hello all. It’s November 3rd, a fine day to move and have a contest.
I’ve gotten a lot of mileage out of this blog and have enjoyed working on this platform, but it’s time to switch things up. From here on out I will be blogging and maintaining a website at the new doviejay knits! Now is the time to update your favorites, links, and rss feed! I have been simul-blogging in both places for several weeks, but this will be my penultimate entry at this address.
AND . . .
It’s my birthday next week, the best birthday in the world, November 11! As I did last year, in honor of my birthday I’ll be holding a little contest. I have utterly fallen in love with Sanguine Gryphon Bugga in the last weeks and I think you should too.

Anyone who comments on my new blog on any NEW entry between now and Midnight Eastern US time on November 11 will have their name put in the hat for a $30 gift certificate from Sanguine Gryphon. Only one comment per post will be counted, but the more posts you comment on the better your chance.
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