I’m Mad At All of My Knitting

Let’s hop down the list and see what on the terrifying list of 10 projects I should be knitting:

1. RavOlympics Sweater – I have to frog back to the beginning of the white on the sleeves because I want to join the new balls there and not where I am so I don’t have to strip and carry yarns up the seam.

2. Pingala Shawl – sooo much stockingnette

3. Clock Shawl – sooo much garter stitch

4. Shawl that Jazz – being reknit at a smaller gauge – ground I’ve already covered

5. Daybreak – skewonkus edge, probably going to frog

6. Keefly Mittens – haven’t worked on these for months . . . not feeling it

7. Wisconsin Heartwarmer – had to frog back to the purple because of a gauge change, am now having to tink back something like 270 sts per row because there is a mistake somewhere but I can’t find it – had to put it down this afternoon before frogging in a fit of rage. Also I only have 10 weeks to finish this per my goal and I’m feeling the time crunch.

8. Stock Socks – sooo much stockingnette

9. Brother Socks – hate ribbing on sock feet

10. Here Comes the Sun Socks – need to frog – too small for feet

I’m a whiner, it’s true. I have many projects where there’s nothing wrong and I just want something exciting and new. I’m being a fickle child and should just knit knit knit something. I make these lists to convince myself to just get over it and get to work. I haven’t finished anything in nearly 6 weeks!

It’s spring break! Time to be productive!

End of an Era

Spoiler Alert: The end of this post contains a photo of the Notorious Sock Knitters’ World Domination Tour Sock Club March 2010 shipment! If you don’t have your yarny surprise yet, don’t scroll down!

Sunday was my last day at the yarn store. I had been thinking about it for a while but finally got to the point last month where I just needed more time to myself. My other job has gone full time this semester, and after 27 days straight without a day off, I got to the point where I needed a break, so I gave my notice.

I am really, really sad to leave. I have been at Lakeside since February 2007 and I honestly believe I have learned more from working there than I learned in school. The textile program I was in really didn’t focus on knitting and in the classes where I did knitting techniques I pretty much was designing my own curriculum. Working at Lakeside allowed me to rub elbows with other talented knitters, my coworkers, and of course the customers. I learned so much just from watching other people knit, not only about technique, but about what people like to knit and what is IN in knitting, and all of the yarns.

I’m going to be leaving Madison, probably for good, in August, as you well know if you’re a regular. My husband has a post doc at the University of Texas in Austin, and so we’re going to be moving south. There’s also an outside chance that I’ll be leaving sooner – I don’t want to count my chickens or anything, but if everything I want happens I’ll be leaving in June – and that’s only two months away. I have so many more things to do on my 26 Things To Do in the Last Year List – I’m definitely going to need my weekends!

Got to shake off the gloom. Let’s look at pretty pictures!

One of my friends at Lakeside gave me this as a going away present, it’s Mountain Colors Bearfoot in Ladyslipper.

As far as my going away present to myself, I had to get a bunch of Claudia Handpaints Fingering. It’s sold as sock yarn, though I wouldn’t use it as such. I’m thinking baby clothes.

And as promised, the sock club shipment for March. I am very excited. At first I was not thrilled, but the photos in the patterns of this yarn knit up are gorgeous! And I love the name: My Wild Irishgirlie. I’m thinking this time I’ll be knitting the Janet Laidmen pattern – I love the book The Secret Garden even though (reason #112 Why I Shouldn’t Have a Knitting Blog) I personally hate to garden. I love the little flowers in the pattern. And I love that this is mediumweight.

I’m waffling about my Daybreak Shawl, by the way. It’s all skewonkus on the edges and not nearly the nice big shawl I had my heart set on. I’m unsure about its future. Another thing I learned at Lakeside: If you don’t like it, rip it!

Two Sock Day

I never explained about Two Sock Day last week! Last Wednesday I finished my Cascadia socks, from the January shipment of Socks that Rock Club:

The colorway is Happy Go Lucky – I love it! Sorry about the overexposed picture – these socks were extremely hard to photo.

And Jorah finished some socks he made for me during the Ravelympics in STR Lightweight Lapis:

The first time someone else has knit me socks!

Work has been rough recently, and sometimes you need a two sock day to lift your spirits!

In other news, I am finding myself completely consumed by the Percy Jackson series. I’ve barely knitted for the past two days because I’ve been devouring books 3 and 4. I can’t start #5 until tomorrow though, because our landlords are showing our house and so I have to clean. I’ll have to help Percy save Olympus tomorrow.