Robots in Disguise

At the yarns store today I bought some Rowan Felted Tweed to make my brother-in-law this Transformer’s Toque from Yes I MADE that. Back in the day when I was just dating my husband I bought him a Transformer’s The Movie poster about one week before BIL bought one for himself. Jorah made me watch the movie with him once in high school and I have to say I just wasn’t feeling it – certainly not the way some do. But I think this will be a hit with the brother.

It’s the kind of pattern I really like too – I love that it goes the extra mile and has the detail “More than meets the eye” on the inside of the band. I’m very attracted to handmades with little details like that – special secret surprises.

I’ve been looking for an excuse to mess around with some Felted Tweed anyway – I did the swatch for it at the store and I really loved it. Also, it’s machine washable and ever since my mom made a stand for machine washable presents I’ve had my eyes peeled for yarns we can both like. I told my folks they could have anything knitted that they wanted as a thank you for the amazing amount of work they did getting the house ready when Jorah and I got married, and my dad’s request would look great in Felted Tweed.

This also has the benefit of not being an extremely expensive Christmas present. We’re quite poor this year and presents are going to have to be more modest than usual. That makes me a little crazy because I honestly love giving presents, and I feel like if I’m not going to spend much money I had better spend more time so people will still know I love them. Insane Troll Logic, I know. I have a pretty packed schedule this fall though and already so many projects in the works that I shudder to think of knitting for everyone on my Christmas list. It’s just not possible this year.

But BIL gets a fancy Transformers Hat!