Picnic Times

This weekend Jorah and I packed up and went for a drive through the Hill Country looking for blue bonnets and yarn stores. I was a little trepidatious about that – I am on the most successful yarn-buying moratorium of the last 10 years (it’s been over three months) and didn’t want the temptation, but it was the most fun.

The best yarn store we went to was the Happy Ewe, a new shop in Jonestown, in the Hill Country.

They didn’t just have knitting, but also spinning and WEAVING stuff too – there were beautiful looms and spinning wheels there as well. And fiber isn’t yarn . . .

And I only had one thing of roving left anyway.

These two are superwash merino from Western Sky Knits, which I hadn’t heard of before, but the roving is so soft and delightful I can’t imagine why not. My plan is to spin them each into a long single and then do a 2-ply. They’ll match . . . and then they won’t! Brilliant, right?

Then we went on to Marble Falls and had a wee pickanick on the river bank. It’s been ages since we did something like that and it was great.

We saw lots and lots of blue bonnets too, but somehow I didn’t take any pictures. They were really beautiful though, and it was a great day.

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