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Rockin’ Sock Club Spoiler Alert: Photos of the January Sock pattern in the club yarn appear at the end of this post. (It’s the end of February so I don’t know who I’m spoiling here, but just in case!)

I know when I posted about the January Shipment of the Rockin’ Sock Club earlier this month I was a little lukewarm on the patterns, but I am ready to admit the error of my ways. I loved the colors of the yarn so much but didn’t want to troll Ravelry and my Favorites list for patterns to knit it up, cast on, knit a few inches into the cuff and then be dismayed by some kind of crazy pooling or flashing. The Roadside Attraction photos showed that at the very least this pattern would do a great job breaking up the colors.

I did these socks on 1.5 US needles because they are Mediumweight and I’m so glad I did. Somehow they ended up so soft and silky feeling and I’m just crazy in love with the fabric I got out of them. I like my socks knit to a very tight gauge, and this is nice and tight but not murderous. It also meant that I could knit a smaller size than usual.

The pattern actually recommends a smaller size because all of the little garter stitch sections in there make for a very stretchy sock. I normally knit myself 80 st legs and 72 st feet, but with these I did 60 st legs and 58 st feet and they are snug and stretchy and perfect. Using fewer stitches also meant that I wasn’t worried about running out of yarn, so I made the feet nice and long so they’ll be more comfortable to wear.

Aside from dropping down to 58 sts around the feet, I also made the cuff and leg both slightly longer than the pattern called for – I like a nice long leg. I started making the heel flap that was written in the pattern but didn’t love it so I ripped back and did a garter stitch heel flap instead. I loved how that looked so when it came time I did a garter stitch short row toe too. I love garter heels and toes on socks – they make them so snug and squishy – and I thought it really fit with the bits of garter already in the pattern.

What do you think?

I love them, and I’ve already cast on for another pair.

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