Rockin’ Sock Club

I didn’t mention it, for fear that you would die of jealousy, but my In-Laws got me the Rockin’ Sock Club from Blue Moon Fiber Arts for Christmas. This is my second year – I did the club in 2010, then watched with extreme jealousy for 2 years.¬†Consider this your spoiler alert – there are photos in this post when you scroll down!

In order to get some space before you scroll, let’s put a little video here.

And that’s the theme of this package!

The color is called Portland Plaid and the ball band sayings are all hipster-speak. The patterns are the Stanton Stairway Shawlette, by Shannon Squire, and Roadside Attraction Socks by Star Athena. The patterns aren’t really singing to me in this shipment – the shawlette isn’t to my taste, and the socks are very plain. (To be fair, I can’t think of any shawlettes I would do in STR – it’s so springy that it won’t hold a block, and while that’s good in socks, it’s not something I want in a shawlette.) I¬†may end up making the socks anyway though – the yarn is so busy a plain pattern will probably be for the best, and it does show off the colors really well.

And the yarn? The yarn is a complete home run!

Look at it – look at all those colors! I completely love it. I’m watching the spoiler thread in the RSC group with great anticipation – I’m loving the photos people have posted so far of how it knits up. It’s mediumweight too, which is just wonderful news. I love light & heavy too, but mediumweight is so versatile.

I’m really delighted with this package, and I’m so excited to be back in the club!

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