Saltire Mittens

I have a policy. I feel very strongly about it.

I work a lot. I usually have a pair of purse socks or some other simple project for knitting on a little when I’m crunching numbers or in a waiting room or trying to wind down and turn my brain off, but I don’t typically knit complicated patterns by other people any more. Most of my knitting is complicated enough, because I write patterns¬†while I’m knitting. Feet on coffee table (inside fuzzy slippers), laptop on legs, knitting on keyboard.

This means that I have to pay a fair amount of attention to the computer – I pick back and forth. I write a row; knit a row. Set up a set of repeats; knit a set of repeats.

But I DO NOT DO LAPTOP KNITTING on Tuesday nights. That is my policy. If I have repeats already set up and I can cruise on my own pattern knitting and get work done – great! But if I don’t? I knit something easy, for pleasure.

Tuesday nights are for knitting something without the laptop, and watching Agents of SHEILD, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and The Mindy Project. Still while wearing fuzzy slippers. I am the height of both class and excitement.

So that’s how these mittens were made – over the course of many weeks worth of Tuesdays.

I first saw the kit on Skein Queen’s website Yea, Many Years Ago, but didn’t get it at the time, and every time I went back to the website to check it was listed as Sold Out. I wanted to make them for my sister, because I am a huge dork and she went to the University of St. Andrews. Finally, this summer, after having been shown repeatedly what a good person my sister is, I emailed the Skein Queen Herself and asked if she maybe didn’t have one lying around somewhere. Maybe under the sofa.

She did.

The pattern was a little aggravating and a lot vague but it was also wonderful because I knocked another knitting technique off my list – something I’ve been wanting to learn for a long time, but hadn’t gotten around to yet. I can now do Seamless Intarsia in the Round. I knew -¬†knew – that there was a way to do it, but couldn’t figure it out on my own so I fired up the Google Machine and it told me that giving Browneyedbabs $3 was really going to work out well for me. It was right. The tutorial is here and it is worth every penny.

In spite of some frustration I am so glad I finally made the mittens. You can see that they have a wrong side too -

and I sort of love that little notch on the thumbs.

I’m so glad I have my Tuesday Nights Policy. I’ve been wanting to make these for years.

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  1. Alicia November 25, 2013 11:02 am Reply

    Interesting! Thanks for the link. I’ve been kicking around an intarsia-in-the-round design idea but the way I was going to do it was not entirely seamless. Will have to check out that tutorial!

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