The Thousand Dollar Tan Line

A long time ago, we used to be friends . . .

I won’t go into the whole amazing history of Veronica Mars, smart and smart-mouthed girl detective, formally of the WB, or her transition to Kickstarter fame. Basically, if you weren’t in Neptune ten years ago, you were missing out and I’m so, SO glad that she came to the big screen this year. The “Mars Investigations” sticker on this computer shows my support.

After the movie came out, Rob Thomas was thoughtful enough to provide me with a novel to go with, and someone very smart let Kristen Bell read the audiobook. My joy centers were like to explode, what with all these new hours of Veronica in which to revel!

After the events of the movie, which I will try not to spoil, Veronica is working the usual infidelity and insurance fraud cases in Neptune, trying to keep Mars Investigations above water while Keith is recovering. A couple of missing girls during spring break send the Chamber of Commerce into a spin and they hire Veronica to look into the disappearances. Everyone knows you can’t trust the Sheriff’s Department.

It’s really wonderful to be back with Veronica and the gang. There are lots of call backs to the show and the movie, but its clear that they were trying to write a book that could be standalone. I don’t know why you’d want to read it standalone, because there are literally hours you could spend with Veronica and Keith and Logan and Mac and Wallace and Weevil, but if you don’t like fun, that’s your deal.

It’s really great to see more of grownup Veronica, doing what she does professionally, and it’s wonderful to hear everything in Kristen Bell’s voice.

I read an interview with Rob Thomas somewhere saying that they want to continue with Veronica – that they’d love to do more movies, maybe the next with the plot of this book, maybe picking up after it leaves off, and that they’re hoping to do more novels, too. I surely hope so. There’s so much more there for my friends and I’m really looking forward to visiting them again.


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  1. Alicia June 20, 2014 1:11 pm Reply

    Did books come first, or the tv show? If I wanted to jump into the veronica mars world, where should I start?

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